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                        Fuzhou Economic Technical Development Zone Coland Feeds Co., Ltd., one of í░Top 30 Feed Enterprises in Chinaí▒, involves in the production and distribution of aquatic feed of all kinds. It owns advanced extruder imported from U.S.A. and manufacturing lines of pellet and powder feeds for aquaculture, with an annual processing capacity of 100,000 mts.
                Taking competitive advantage from Colandí»s own fishmeal importing channel, Coland Feedí»s products like eel feed, shrimp feed, and other feeds for aquaculture are of excellent quality and are of the best selling feeds in mainland China.
                Coland Feed enthusiastically advocates the concept of í░Green Feedí▒, i.e. feed with no poison, no pollution, and no harmful remains. Coland Feed is the first company in China awarded certificate of í░Green Feedí▒. So far, Coland has developed several categories of í░Green Feedí▒.