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                         Coland Holdings Company Limited (Coland Group)is incorporated in Hong Kong. With its business covering research and development, manufacturing and distribution of fishmeal, fish oil, aqua feeds, aquaculture and aquatic products and foods, Coland Group serves the needs of Chinaí»s feed, aquaculture, and food processing industry whole heartedly under the principle of honesty, sincerity and service.
                Coland Group has several wholly owned subsidiaries in China - (1) Fujian Coland Logistics Co., Ltd. which is a leading company in the imported fishmeal market; (2) Fuzhou Economic Technical Development Zone Coland Feeds Co., Ltd. which has been awarded one of í░Top 30 Feed Enterprises in Chinaí▒; (3) Fujian Coland Enterprises Co., Ltd. which is the largest fish oil refinery and supplier in China; (4)Fujian Coland Marine Bioengineering Co., Ltd.; (5)Fujian Coland Bioscience and Technology Co., Ltd.;(6)Fuzhou Huahai Seafoods Co., Ltd.; (7)Fuzhou Muhai Seafoods Co., Ltd.; (8)Wuhan Coland Aquatic Products and Food Co., Ltd.; (9)Wuhan Coland Feed Co.,Ltd. and (10) Coland-Nosan Feed Co., Ltd.----JV with a sizeable listed feed company in Japan, etc.
                Following the development of a number of down-streamed and supply chain projects, including Fuzhou Bonded Zone Coland Logistics Park, Wuhan Coland Aquatic Science and Technology Industry Park and Fuzhou Coland Marine Biotechnology Park, Coland has integrated the value chain including feed raw materials supply, feed manufacturing, aquaculture, aquatic foods processing and marine bioengineering development.
                With the strong economic background, well-developed technology and endeavor of Colandí»s team, the future of Coland will surely be more prosperous and promising.